Turramurra Rover Crew

1st Turramurra Rover Crew – A Very Brief History

The Beginning

The 1st Turramurra Rover Crew was first registered on 10th of October 1932, but had actually begun meeting in September of that year. Meetings were held at the Methodist Hall in Turramurra on Wednesday nights. The Rover Scout Leader was Bernard Howard who ran Howard’s Pharmacy on the Pacific Highway at Turramurra. Founding Rovers were Harry Pullen, Alf Self, Ian Bull, Jock Campbell, George Philips and two others. For reasons unknown, most probably a lack of members, the Crew was disbanded in May 1937.

The Second Crew

The second registration of the Crew was in July 1946. Meetings had started in May of that year. At first they were held at various homes on Sunday nights, and then at a shed at Turramurra Park in Karuah Rd. The acting Rover Scout Leader was also the Group Scout Master (Group Leader), Mr R. (“Dick”) Benson. Founding Rovers were Bruce Wilson, Pat Edmonson, Alan Limburg, Harold Skinner, Bob Maclean, John Walker, Bruce Cliffe, B. Wells, H. Owen, and C. Wright. In March 1949, T.G. (“Thor”) Thorvaldson became Rover Scout Leader. In May 1952, the current “Karingal” Scout Hall in Warragal Rd was opened. The Crew disbanded sometime in the early to mid fifties but the exact year is unknown, although the Group’s records show that the building of the inner section of the present Rover Den was completed in 1957.

The Third Crew

The third registration of the Crew was in April 1965. Meetings were held in the present Rover Den on Wednesday nights. The Rover Scout Leader was Ernest (“Otto”) Adderley. Few records remain of this time, but two of the Rovers were John Adderley and Shigenoru Suzuki. The Crew was de-registered in July 1968, again probably due to lack of members.

The Fourth Crew

The fourth and current “version” of the Crew was initially formed as North Ku-ring-gai Rover Crew, which started meeting in August 1976, and was registered in February 1977. Meetings were held at the present Rover Den on Sunday nights. Lewis Gomes was Rover Adviser, and founding Rovers were Warwick Bisset and Neil Abraham. Warwick and Neil were both invested with 1st Killara Crew, then transferred back and invested Phil Worledge, Gary Beasley, Andrew Fraser, and Steve Moss as Squires. The Crew made the decision to become 1st Turramurra Rovers at a meeting in March 1978, but were not officially registered as such until July 1980. Notable at this time were Sandie O’Hara, the Crew’s first female Rover, and Pippa Bisset, the Crew’s first female Crew Leader.

Lewis Gomes retired in 1981, and for seven years the Crew was without a Rover Adviser. Jim Phelan ably filled this position from late 1988 until 1994. The Crew membership grew steadily throughout the ’80s, reaching a peak of almost sixty members. This made it one of the largest, if not the largest Rover Crew known in Australia.

In 1989, Steve Butler became the Crew’s first-ever Baden-Powell (B-P) Awardee. Although several Rovers had attempted the B-P Award before this, none had followed through to completion. To date, nine other Crew members – John Butler, Gary Caganoff, Wesley Leverton, Stuart Leverton, Meagan Pratt, Dominic Warland, Marcus Saint, Liam Painter and Georgia Buckley – have also achieved this award. John and Gary in 1991, Wesley in 1994, Stuart in 1997, Meagan in 2004, Dom in 2014, Marcus and Liam in 2017, and Georgia in 2018.

In October 1992, the Crew celebrated its 60th anniversary, with a reunion of former members from as far back as 1946.

In early 1994, the Rover Den was extended to its present size, by removing the dividing wall between the two downstairs rooms. Also in 1994, Warren Kaye took on the role of Rover Adviser.

In December 2002, the Crew celebrated its 70th birthday, with a gathering of present and past members, including Ian Bull from the original 1932 Crew.
In 2003, Ian Abraham took on the role of Rover Adviser, working together with Warren Kaye. Warren retired from this role in 2005.

In December 2012, the Crew celebrated its 80th birthday, again with a gathering of present and past members, including John Walker and Howard Carey from the 1946 Crew.

Crew Leaders in the Fourth Crew

1977 Warwick Bisset
1978 Neil Abraham
1979 Greg Pankhurst
1980 Neil Abraham (to Dec.)/Greg Pankhurst
1981 Pippa Bisset
1982 Julie McIntosh
1983 David McEvoy (to May)/Stuart Bryden
1984 David McEvoy (to Dec.)
1985 Nick Buchner
1986 Nick Buchner
1987 Peter Drury
1988 Steve Goozee
1989 Camilla Cant
1990 Matthew Owers
1991 Anthony Whiffen
1992 Anthony Whiffen
1993 Stuart Butler
1994 John Vicars
1995 David Kneeshaw
1996 Stuart Leverton
1997 Geoff Mattes
1998 Geoff Mattes (to June)/ Emma Kaye
1999 Faye Hargreaves
2000 Anna Ridley
2001 Anna Ridley
2002 Patrick Mickan
2003 Lachlan Munro
2004 Scott Gordon
2005 Laura Manchester
2006 Bronwyn Butland
2007 Bronwyn Butland
2008 Michael Blackmore
2009 Michael Blackmore
2010 Jen McMahon
2011 Swa Cusack
2012 Mark Vaughan
2013 Dom Warland
2014 Marcus Saint
2015 Liam Painter
2016 Jack Temisgian
2017 Georgia Buckley
2018 Jack Temisgian
2019 Nick MacFarlane
2020 William Wade

Turramurra Rover Crew has a long history of involvement in activities that cover the full spectrum of Rovering. Challenging and adventurous outdoor expeditions, great social times, service to Scouting and the wider community, and active participation in Rover activities and organisation at the local and state levels  – all have combined to offer the several hundred members who have passed through the Crew many new opportunities, lasting friendships, great memories and plenty of sheer fun. Long may it continue