Christmas Camp 2018 Rock Climbing at Bung Crag Christmas Camp 2018 Turramania 2015 Iceland 2017 Blacksmiths Beach 2017 Summer = Canyon Season!

Christmas Camp 2018

Welcoming new members amongst the pagodas on Newnes Plateau

Rock Climbing at Bung Crag

Everyone giving it a go on the spoogy sandstone!

Christmas Camp 2018

Soaking in the sunset light

Turramania 2015

A month long trip to Tassie? Take me back.

Iceland 2017

World Moot 2017 in Iceland!

Blacksmiths Beach 2017

It's not as easy as it looks!

Summer = Canyon Season!

Left: Gloucester River Right: Macquarie Pass

Turramurra rovers have been "In Search Of Quality Pain" Since 1932

Quality pain, akin to "Type II Fun", means you deserve praise for your efforts - however foolish they may be. Most of the time we opt for "Type I Fun" - but this doesn't always go to plan.... Take a look at some of the things we've been up to recently, and make up your own mind!  

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Goodbye Jen

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Anzac day 2010

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