Turramurra Rover Crew

Once you’ve setup your CareMonkey Account you can start joining events. To preserve everyone’s privacy the Rover Crew’s CareMonkey account does not allow people to be invited to events.
Instead you must join them through the website, once you do this you opt in to sharing your information with the organiser of the event.

  1. Navigate to the website login page

    Go the the website (https://turramurrarovers.com) and hover your mouse over “Member Resources.”
    The bottom option should be “Login.” Click that (or click here).Screenshot of the website, with the login link selected.

  2. You will be presented with a login screen

    If your email address on either Facebook or Google matches the email address used by ScoutLink you can click either the Facebook or Google Icons to login.

    If neither of your social accounts has the same email address and this is your first time using the website you will need to reset your password by clicking the “Lost your password?” button. The Turramurra Rover's website login box, showing social icons for Google and Facebook as well as a normal username and password option.

  3. Go to the “Self Signup Page”

    In the top menu select “Resources>CareMonkey Self Signup
    Screenshot of the Turramurra Rovers Website showing the "CareMonkey Self Serve" menu selected

  4. Select the event

    It will show you a list of events you can signup to, and also events you have already signed up to.

    You can press “Join” to add yourself to the event. The list of events you can join as a screenshot on the Turramurra website

  5. Go to CareMonkey

    Once you’ve joined the event you actually have to fill in the form itself. To do this you’ll need to go across to CareMonkey and login.

  6. Respond to the form

    Once you login, you will see a “Requests” section asking you to respond to any forms you haven’t replied to yet. Click “Respond” on the event you signed up for.
    The requests section of CareMonkey

  7. Fill in the form and submit your response

    The form may look like a normal E1, or it can contain questions about catering, attendance, etc.

    Click “Submit” and then you are done!
    A caremonkey form