Turramurra Rover Crew

You can now use CareMonkey to create E1’s instead of doing them in paper form (although you still need to the E1 Part 3!). This saves paper and everyone printing them off, its possible to use the CareMonkey app or print off a list!

You can also ask for catering and transport information rather than creating a separate form!

  1. Login to CareMonkey

    Go to Care Monkey and login.

  2. From the top left select “My eForms”

    Screenshot of the CareMonkey menu bar

  3. Select what to start from

    You can either use a form you’ve created previously, or build from a template. We’ll start with the “Scouts NSW Activity Template” although this is targeted more at youth members.

  4. Set the title of your event

    Make this something obvious like “Cowra Long Weekend Trip” as it will be what shows up when participants register for it.

  5. Set the form type to “Event”

  6. Set Requires up to date Care Profile to “Yes”

    This is required for it to count as an E1, so don’t miss this step!

  7. Add the Event Description

    Fill out the template description, make sure you include the start & end date, the location, and what we are doing.

    Also make sure you include the Activity Coordinator (you) and Emergency Contact details!

    At this point it should look like this:Screenshot of the first part of a CareMonkey form

  8. Fill in or remove the “Additional notes” section

    If you are running an adventurous activity you might want to include things like what gear to bring or wear. But you can also delete this section by clicking the red “X.”

  9. If this event does not involve under 18s delete the second & third Additional notes thing.

    Rovers don’t need to know if the activity is under adult supervision. They also don’t need their parents to fill out the form.

  10. Also delete the “I consent to my child being involved in…” question

    Again we don’t need that.

  11. Leave the question about conditions that might limit participation

    Its important to ask for legal reasons!

  12. Change the “Acceptance” thing to something more sensible.

    E.g “I consent to this activity and my CareMonkey profile is up to date.” This section is required!

  13. Add other questions.

    For example you can ask about catering, etc
    Adding additonal CareMonkey questions

  14. Check your form & click save!

    This will take you to the next page

  15. Set the start and end time of the event, as well as the closing time.

    Dates screenshot

  16. Enable

    You can either save and come back, or enable it now (which means people will be able to fill it in).
    If you enable you won’t be able to change the form

  17. Done!

    And now you are done!

How do I view responses?

In the “My eForms” section you will see your form and can click on its name.

This will show you responses, you can also generate reports.