Turramurra Rover Crew

We now have access to CareMonkey! The instructions below will walk you through how to setup CareMonkey. Please refer to the CareMonkey Instructions Overview page for information about signing up for events, and what information other crew members can see.

Setup CareMonkey

Your registration details are automatically synced from Scout Link into CareMonkey. But you need to accept the CareMonkey invite in order to use it. This involves creating an account and entering medical information. Apart from your name you will be able to change most of this information at any time you wish, and disable sharing whenever you wish. Please read this information so you know what you do & don’t need to put into CareMonkey!

  1. Sign-up to Caremonkey

    Using the email address registered to you in Scout Link go to CareMonkey and sign up. Make sure you name matches what you have in Scout Link. Fill in the information and click “next”.

    Caremonkey registration form

  2. Validate Your Email

    You will receive an email asking you to activate your account, click on the “Validate my email address” button. It will prompt you to login.Screenshot of CareMonkey email verification email

  3. Create a Profile

    You will see a page like the one below, with an invite from “Turramurra Rover Crew” requesting to share a profile. Take note of the name in bold, the name you use in the next step must exactly match that (don’t add middle names, etc if they are not there). Click the “Create Profile” button to create a profile. (If you already have a CareMonkey account you may have the option to share an existing profile instead).CareMonkey home page, with an invite displayed

  4. Fill in first page of Profile Details

    anThe first page asks basic contact details. In the first box select “Self” and let it populate your details. Then fill in the remaining fields.

    Information entered on this page will appear in the crew contact list, and will be synced to Scout Link. You will only need to enter one phone number, even though “Work Phone” is marked with an asterisk.Screenshot of CareMonkey Personal Details Page.

  5. Add Profile Photo

    It will prompt you to add a profile photo, this is useful but not required. Click “Skip” (or add a photo and click “Next”)CareMonkey Profile Photo Page

  6. Enter an Emergency Contact

    You will be prompted to add an emergency contact – our CareMonkey is setup to require a minimum of one contact, you can add more if you wish. Please use someone who probably won’t be on camps with you.

    Add at least one phone number, email address isn’t required.
    Screenshot of the emergency contact screen in CareMonkey

  7. More emergency contacts

    Once you click “Save and Continue” it will take you to a page where you can add more Emergency Contacts, you don’t need to do this so just click “Continue”.Screenshot of CareMonkey Emergency Contacts Screen

  8. Medical Contacts

    The next page gives you the option to add medical contacts, you can enter this if you wish but it is not required. Press “Continue.”Screenshot of CareMonkey "Medical Contacts" screen.

  9. Emergency Information

    This section prompts you for medicare and insurance details. If you wish to opt-out of providing this information, select “No” for each option. However it is recommend to fill it in as it will aid in the event of an emergency. Click “Save and Continue”Screenshot of CareMonkey "Emergency Information"

  10. Dietary Requirements & Medical Conditions

    This page asks if you have dietary requirements (you can change these at any time), you will be prompted for more information on the next page if you select “yes”.
    It also prompts you for Medical Conditions you have. Please declare anything that will impact your ability to participate in activities. If it does not impact select “No.” Please give serious consideration to what people running activities need to know. (Unfortunately CareMonkey does not let you choose this list).

    It also lets you add other conditions, including “Disabilities.” You only need to enter this information if it impacts your ability to safely participate in activities (please consider emergency situations when making this decision).

    Click “Save and Continue.”Screenshot of "Medical Conditions" page.

  11. Dietary Requirements

    If you indicated you have dietary requirements you will get a page asking you for more information.Screenshot of Dietary Requirements

  12. Other Conditions/Disabilities

    You get prompted for this again. As mentioned in step 10 ” You only need to enter this information if it impacts your ability to safely participate in activities (please consider emergency situations when making this decision).

    If you aren’t entering anything click “Skip” (NOT “Save and Continue”)
    Screenshot of "Other Conditions/Disabilities"

  13. Notes Section

    You can ignore this section, click “Continue.”Notes Screenshot

  14. Consent

    The next screen is a request to sign that details are correct and consent to share them with the CareMonkey.

    Click “I agree”
    Screenshot of Consent Screen

  15. Additional Questions

    It will then prompt you if you object to anesthetics. Please select your answer. Screenshot Additional Questions

  16. Done

    And you are done, your profile is now ready to go.

Other Crew Members will not be able to see any information unless they have created an event and you have joined that event.

Once people have joined the event (see below) the organiser will be able to see the following information:

Caremonkey form response

And they can click on the profile to view your medical profile but this action will be recorded.

Screenshot of Caremonkey profile
Screenshot of second half of CareMonkey Profile.

Admins can see who viewed these profiles as a security measure:

Screenshot of CareMonkey audit trail.