Turramurra Rover Crew

Useful Stuff!

A convenient place for inspiration and important documents. 

Crew Constitution
This document governs how the crew runs. While we are currently updating this document, it will still be in effect until the new constitution is voted in. 

Camp organising checklist
Organising a camp? Here’s an overview of what’s required. If you have any questions with anything presented in this document, make sure you ask for help!

Camp Catering Calculator
Woohoo! You ran a camp! Thanks! 
Often the last step is getting payment – this makes it quick and easy to figure it all out.

Executive Resources

If you hold a position on the Exec. then this might be the place for you! Templates and gear checks reside here. 

Squire Resources

This handy section of the website is great for new members! Not only does it contain the “squire pack” as an introduction document, but it has links to example expeditions, proposals and the expedition requirements. 

Knights Resources

A repository for Knight – specific resources.