Turramurra Rover Crew

So since the last update on our website there have been many awesome weekends away and acvitites that our crew has taken part in. We have also grown in numbers with 10 New people joining the crew since the begining of the year and 8 of them being squired.

But back to the awesome activities we have done so far to date And we are going to do:

Occupy Canyon – Join Rover and Venturer Canyoning trip in the Blue Mountains

Mt Solitary – Liam Did his Squire hike in Mid Feburary

Sydeny North Region Summer Moot Themed “Mardi Gras Moot”- The Crew put on a fantastic weeked of actvities down in the Kangaroo Valley with over 170 people attending it will be a Moot to be remember for a long time with the Epic Dance floor and Foam Party

Dragon Skin – Like always we put on a killer base this year where the venturers had to rescue the Jamie from Mythbusters as he had blown something up in the lab, again ….. So they entered a maze of smoke and gladwrap and went in search of him.

Scout Hike  РWe Helped out on the sleep point and the running of the bases

Region Service project – Well someone was smart and trusted Turramurra with chainsaws, So much lopping of trees was undertaken to remove dead trees which posed a thread to the campsite.

Annual Trip to Cowra – As always the crew goes on its annual Bonding trip to Our RA Uncle Ian’s mother farm out at cowra, relaxing and having a good time.

Tough Bloke Challenge – NSW Rovers have been asked to volunteer for an endurance event being held at cataract scout park so we have 8 people from the crew going to help out

Larapinta Trail – Georgia is heading off to Alice Springs at the end of June to complete her squire hike out on the Larapinta trail so it will deffintly be a change of scene from the rainy and gloomy Sydney at this time of year.

Cape York Trip – Glyn, Swa, Mark and a few rovers from other crews will be setting out to head to the most northern point in Australia in Mid-July which will be a very long and exciting trip for all going!

We also have various joint nights organised for the next  few months with crew like Epping, Linfield and the newly created crew at Beacon Hill.

Finally Keep Watching the website as there will be information about Our annual Harbour Cruise Posted on the website in the months to come!!!!

If you wish to get in contact with us either shoot us an email at crew@turramurrarovers.com or Find us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TurramurraRovers